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Data Recovery

If your hard drive failed and you are unable to accessible data, Staunton Computer Repair of Virginia has expert data recovery technicians to help with your data recovery needs. We can retrieve your personal photos, videos or other important data on a corrupt or dead hard drive. You can trust Staunton Computer Repair of Virginia to provide fast and dependable service. Staunton Computer Repair in Warf downtown Staunton can recover data from many types of hardware including, SATA data recovery, raid data recovery , IDE data recovery, laptop data recovery , Flash drive data recovery , Tape backup media & digital memory cards data recovery. Here is a small list of recovery we offer.

Why choose Staunton Computer Repair of Virginia to recover your data?

Many hard drive failures are caused by File System errors. We have the skills and the expertise to fix corrupt partition tables and to recover your data quickly and reliably.

Staunton Computer Repair of Virginia is able to recover most if not all the data on bad hard drives. We have successfully restored data from RAID arrays and hard drives that have been wiped and had Windows reinstalled. Many times the computer manufacturer tells customers to reimage or restore the system to fix an error but don’t mention that the user will need to backup all data before reinstalling or reimaging windows. Staunton Computer Repair of Virginia completes most repairs within 24 hours in some cases the the process can take more than 24 hours, but we strive to recover your data as quickly as possible. Best Data Recovery Rates in Virginia. Many of our competitors charge $600-$5000 to recover your data. Our basic data recovery service starts at $65.00 Come in to receive a free Hard Drive diagnosis. Most drives can be recovered with software but some mechanical hardware failures must repaired before the process is attempted, this will increase the time and cost of your data recovery..

Below is a list of media we have successfully recovered data from :

  • Corrupted database data recovery
  • Data corruption (IDE, SATA, RAID)
  • RAID configuration corruption
  • Formatting Recovery
  • Intermittent drive failure resulting in RAID degradation
  • iPods and other MP3 players
  • CD, Blue ray & DVD
  • Non bootable hard drive or corrupt partitions
  • Corrupt log files
  • Unintentional file or data deletion
  • Mechanical hard drive failure
  • Corrupt file system data recovery
  • Failed Removable Hard Drive Recovery
  • RAID configuration corruption
  • Flash or memory stick data recovery
  • Memory Card Data Recovery (SD, Mini-SD, Micro-SD, Compact Flash Drive, USB Drive)
  • CD & DVD Data Recovery